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Bangla Boxing Stadium

Bangla Boxing Stadium arranges intense fights in Phuket for travelers who want to feel authenticity of Thai martial arts. It is the latest Muay Thai arena on Patong Beach’s boxing scene. Originally built on Bangla Road on a smaller scale, the stadium kept its name after moving to its new location opposite Banzaan Market on Sai Kor Road, the new large thoroughfare passing behind Jungceylon Shopping Mall. The stadium is difficult to miss: it’s a large two-storey building with a first floor made of beige stone-like sculpted cement and features four beer bars with hostesses, while the second floor is an amphitheatre surrounding the ring. At the front of the building you can spot large statues representing Thai boxers. At first, the fancy, show-off aspect of the place could make you think that it is just another tourist trap only featuring well-choreographed Muay Thai fights (which was mostly the case when the stadium was on Bangla). But no, this is real Thai Boxing and the contestants, foreigners and Thai alike, are real champions fighting for prices, titles and to improve their rank on the Thai Boxing scene. Fights are organized three times a week on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Bangla Boxing Stadium

3 Best Muay Thai Lessons and Stadium Tickets



What Customers are Saying

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"A Fun Night"

Our family had a lot of fun cheering on the fighters. We went for the ringside seats which are quite expensive, but were worth it. A great experience.

"Great small stadium for Muay Thai"

We paid $1500baht for the mid level seats so we could see better. The stadium is not very big so any seat is really ok. We watched 2 fights between boys around 8yrs old - they were admirable in their fight, we felt sorry for one boy who lost, but his support group was amazing and supported him really well. The crowd cheered and clapped him as loudly as the winner! The women are amazing to watch - very focussed and intense. Overall, you are close enough to feel every kick that hits its mark, watch the bookies get their bets from the crowd and with snacks and drinks served in your seat, this was a great experience. Kudos to the men who without fail play the music that allows the fighters to get their rhythms in the ring!

"Must Do"

We had a ringside seats so we was up close and personal, the Fighters were all good and was entertaining

"For a glimpse of Thai kick boxing"

This is a nice place to visit in Phuket for getting insights into Thai kickboxing. In downtown Patong,there were regular announcements advertising the sport and that’s what got us interested. Booked tickets for this place Through a local tour guy. Had a good experience if watching boxers battling it out in the stadium. The fighters are for real and didn’t look fake even for a minute. Awesome Display of skills by the professionals

"Really great local experience"

Was great fun, just be careful of getting involved in the side-betting as they are quite pushy. As far as I understand it's illegal so best just be firm about not wanting to bet.


The fight was very intense. There were 10 games, and I guessed eight. Several punches went down and sweat splashed on my face. Next time sit a little farther. Ha-ha

"Great atmosphere"

Fantastic atmosphere , drinks are ordered and served to your seat. The night went for about two hours , bit disappointed that the Aussies were on the banners and flyers but weren’t participating - late withdrawal perhaps. No mention of this anyway. Nonetheless it was a great night. Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, popcorn and French fries were available as well as souvenirs.

"Thai boxing experience"

This is a must do if staying close to patong, brilliant set up and atmosphere, night markets across the street, and finished about 11.30 after 8 fights so still early for night out on bangla.

"Awesome Experience"

Spur of the moment decision to attend and definitely didn’t regret the decision. One of those location experiences you need to take advantage of whilst in Patong. We enjoyed and even had a little win on the night.

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