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Phuket King Muay Thai

Phuket king is established as the center of muay thai training center in Phuket to share cultural martial art. Customers will enjoy rounded lesson to learn fundamental positions, physical movement, and knowledge of muay thai.

Phuket King Muay Thai

3 Best Muay Thai Lessons and Stadium Tickets



What Customers are Saying

from 17 reviews

"Fully recommend this gym"

Great place, new and clean, and the staffs are very friendly and proffesional. I fully recommend this gym for trainning and make new friends. See you there!!!

"Really Good"

Pot is one of the best Trainer i have ever trained in Thailand :-) !! He showed me a lot of very good technics for kicking, clinching and a lot more. The Gym is really good and the stuff very friendly.


Clean professional environment, the trainers definitely works in a team and knows how to push you and work on your weaknesses. Even got hot yoga! And it is only in Kathu.

"Perfect service"

Perfect service, friendly and professional stuff, excellent place! Enjoyed very much!!!

"Should try"

Kru Pot and all trainers are the best one in Phuket. Recommence all you guy who would like to learning Thai boxing should come here.

"I love it"

The best trainer mauy thai. all the trainer is professional I love it.

"So good!!"

Dee makmak So good !!

"Very Professional"

Phuket King is a very proffesionally run gym by Kru Pot who was a successful fighter himself he has a great crew of trainers who all are ex or currently fighting. Kru Pot is a master in the clinch game like no other he has always been willing to share his expertise with others whether just training or fighting. The gym is brand new so facilities are clean in good condition and top quality, his trainers are all great guys very friendly people with knowlecge and experience in Muay Thai and willing to give you there best assistance all the time. The only way to find out is come down and give it a go I guarantee you will love the atmosphere culture and friendliness of the gym.


Kru Pot's gym is very clean, great staff, and excellent instruction. I take cardio kickboxing bag classes back home, but don't get to train Muay Thai often. The instructors are the perfect mix of patience, motivation, encouragement and incredibly talented. My husband has trained with Kru Pot for the last 6 years and keeps coming back. Definitely a quality place for the beginner and the advanced fighter alike.

"Highly recommended"

I had very nice experience here with professional instructors. Highly recommended.


Pot likes to explain and share his tecniques with us His style is SUPER!

"Great gym"

Great gym that has everything you need for a successful class with lovely trainers.. can’t wait to learn more!

"So glad to train Muay Thai here"

So glad Kru Pot has opened his own gym! It's a great place to train and his focus on technique and the quality training this gym offers can really help everyone improve their Muay Thai and fitness. He has a really great team of trainers working with him and to train here is a pleasure.

"Incredible instructor"

Pot is an incredible instructor, helping me to overcome my fear of grappling, and being extra patient with my 'old man' cardio and clumsiness. Funny, warm, and takes the art seriously. Highly recommended!

"Really good"

You got to love Pot as a person and as an instructor , really good

"The best"

He is the best Muaythai teacher in Phuket island very strong in muaythai society and supper best person.

"The best school"

The best school to learn Muaythai or for excercise . you can't miss .

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