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Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium

The Oldest and Greatest Boxing Stadium in Thailand. Former Prime Minister Field Marshal P. Pibulsongkram gave orders a national boxing stadium to be built on Rajadamnern Avenue in 1941. The order came two years after the government issued an expropriation Act to land owners to surrender their properties along Rajadamnern Avenue so that the government could build its office buildings in accordance with the city plan. The office of the Crown Property was assigned to carry out the project. The initial idea was to build the stadium at Misakawan Garden area, on the corner between Pitsanoloke Road and Rajadamnern Nok Avenue. Later, the formerly-selected site was switched to the present one because the land was too small for the size of the stadium. The stadium, now still standing on the same site, is situated on Rajadamnern Nok avenue, at the corner of Panieng Road, opposite Chullachomklao Military Academy.

Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium

2 Best Muay Thai Lessons and Stadium Tickets



What Customers are Saying

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"The best place"

The best of the best most go to when in Thailand !

"The Mecca of Muay Thai!"

The Mecca of Muay Thai ! there is nothing compares to this place !

"Authentic Muay Thai Experience"

Came and saw a few fights - very impressed with the conditioning of these guys! "Club Class" seats worked well for me. Excellent view of the whole ring - which would not be possible from ringside I think.

"Great experience"

It was such a great experience to me and my family visiting this boxing stadium and watching Thai boxing! Love the airr!

"Amazing venue"

Amazing venue and host to many of the top Promoters

"Last Night Experience"

As with many main attractions if you do it on your own it will be so much cheaper. No hassle outside the stadium, staff on hand to advise you. Credit card accepted. The view from tier three is brilliant and you are free to move around. Unless you are particularly into the sport it is the experience of being there that you go for. And I have to say it was a great night well worth a visit.

"This is the best stadium"

This is the best stadium in the world for enjoying Muay Thai. And great fight cards. Old style, traditional stadium. You can feel the history here! A special thank you to Khun Gai! For years he has helped make our visits to the stadium very enjoyable. He shares our love of Muay Thai. He represents the Stadium and the sport at the highest level. The entire staff that we interact with (seating, security, vendors) all are excellent and make the experience fantastic. To experience Muay Thai at its best, go to Rajadamnern Stadium!

"An authentic Muay Thai experience"

What a night out this is. We bought the Club class tickets are had a view just above the top rope centre of the ring. 9 fights of a great standard and a truly amazing spectacle. The action inside the ring and about in the local standards is amazing to watch. The crowd cheering and the interaction with the book makers is a special thing to see. Staff bring beer and snacks to you in your seats and it is all reasonably priced. We loved the atmosphere and the whole experience.

"Great night out with Muay Thai"

Went there by private transport and bought our tickets at the entrance.They are pricey at 1800THB for ringside (neck-strainer) and 1500THB for club seats (plastic seats compared to concrete ones,next lower level).Club seats are just at eye-level and are not far out as the stadium itself isn't that big.Paying by credit card is possible but they charge a ridiculous 200THB per ticket as a service charge!So,bring enough cash or use the conveniently placed ATM which also charges 200THB but per withdrawal.Just go in and enjoy their traditional martial arts even if you are not into contact sport.It can be a 'been there!seen That!' kinda experience.

"Best Experience in Bangkok"

Nothing felt better. It is an amazing experience. When booking, bargain for a discount, you can always get around 20% and more if you are a group. Don't take the ringside, take the Club class, it is cheaper and offers better view. Do not miss it!

"Great time"

I purchased the basic ticket, as the other choices seem a bit to much compared to basic. Also went to boxing while in Chang Mai, and this event every round was much better matched fights than Chang Mai, and more fights as well.

"The place to see Muay-Thaï boxing in BKK"

Feel the atmosphere of THE sport in Thailand.... Grab some VIP Places (Around 2K B) and enjoy a night of fights, from 7pm till 10.30pm.... I really enjoyed the night, even though I am not into fight sport

"A look into Thai culture"

We were all a bit surprised how much we enjoyed ourselves. As a family with two teenage girls I was unsure if the night would be a success.... it was!! The rituals, the dance, the music and of course the fights. Very interesting and worthwhile. We bought club seats online expensive but we all agreed well worth it!


Légendaire tout simplement... <3

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