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        2. Group class sizes vary depending on the hour of the day. We add more teachers as the class size increases to ensure you receive a full workout.
        from 79 reviews


        Rattachai Gym Located in Chalong, Phuket. Right next to the world famous "Soi Ta-ied" or Fighter's street, Rattachai Gym feature champion trainers, an emphasis on the reeds of the individual and a great learning atmosphere! Rattachai Gym is only a 15 minutes scooter ride to Phuket’s most beautiful beaches and a few minutes away from Central Festival and the night market where you can shop and try new foods from all over Thailand.


        Branch Addresses

        • Rattachai 49/3 Moo.5 , Luang Phor Chuang Road, Chalong, Muang, Phuket

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        What Customers are Saying

        from 79 reviews

        "Our family trip"

        my family visited this gym for Muay Thai training for a couple week stay while it was in its early stages. Great facilities with top notch trainers. Everything you can imagine for fitness and martial arts, it's there!

        "Keep training"

        An amazing gym to train with people from all over the world. The Muay Thai classes aren't the greatest, you don't learn much, but just all the drilling and sparring helps to learn a lot. Anyway, you will get Muay Thai techniques back eventually.


        I had no experience in muaythai, but my bf put me into the class with him. The trainers are very friendly and patient, everybody is also friendly over there. If you have any interest in muaythai, I recommend this gym to you!

        "Must try"

        Everyone who is into martial arts will find great trainers, gym, punching bags, sparring and people. Rattachai gym is very good. Great trainers, big area, and fanatics out there.


        Where to start... Prior to attending Rattachai Muay Thai I researched other gyms and having previously attended Tiger Muay Thai I knew what to look for. Upon getting into contact with Rattachai in regards to coming to train as well as wanting to Fight, I also had my brother attending who had no previous Muay Thai Exp. I promptly received an email back outlaying and any concerns I had were put to ease. Nit answered any queries I had and also helped by recommending different accommodation during my stay. Once I confirmed my flights and paid for accommodation the Team at Rattachai Muay Thai always remained helpful which was refreshing. My brother and I had a duration at RMT was 1 month and 10 days which included Private sessions was extremely affordable. When I arrived at RMT I was shown the facilities and met my potential trainers. If you are expecting a fancy gym with fancy equipment you won't find that here, What you will find is a dedicated team of Extremely professional trainers which are undoubtedly so passionate about the art of Muay Thai and it reflects in the way they train those who come to RMT. Given the vast amount of knowledge at RMT the training caters to everyone from a rookie to professional fight teams or individual fight goals RMT will meet every customers goals so you will never be made to feel as though you're just another number filling up classes. Training at RMT was unbelievably rigorous and designed to push you to your very best in order to perfect techniques, Meaning if you plan on trying to breeze the classes you are in for a serious yet fun surprise. 6 weeks in my opinion was short lived for me as time just flew by. In those 6 weeks not only did my brother and myself meet an amazing , caring , warmhearted group of people it was much more than I will without hesitation say we in every sense became family one who always looks out for each other regardless of ethnicity, experience or social status. I can't wait to go back to see my family again

        "Awesome Gym"

        Awesome little family run gym. Has 5-6 trainers when I was there and no more then 15 people training. Usually just 5-8 people. Good Thai trainers with most of them ex stadium champions. Thai training were good at explaining authentic Muay Thai to foreigners. Not a lot of hard sparring for fighters as most for basic/intermediate but if you were going to fight for the gym i'm sure they would organise people or the trainers would spar you. Perfect gym for basic/intermediate with teaching proper technique. Also good gym for fighters if not actively fighting and want to sharpen up on technique as well as having a fun time training. Would and have recommended to friends

        "Great place to train"

        Everyone was incredibly helpful. You get individual time with trainers no matter your experience or level of training. Very good about checking on you and making sure you're getting what you need.


        I attended two beginner classes and did a private session in my three days in Patong. The trainers were patient and encouraging but pushed me and the group very hard. After three days doing only one session a day I was shattered. Be prepared to sweat and take it seriously but ladies don't worry the first session I did was majority female. Definitely you are welcome. There were only about five or six in the group classes with a ratio of about one to two trainers per person most of the time. You get heaps of individual attention in a small family atmosphere. The lady on the front desk has fantastic English language skills and they have a great store with awesome Muay Thai shorts and other gear. I will definitely return again! Thanks for having me :)

        "Loved it!"

        Loved training at Rattachai, had learnt so much in the one week I was there. The trainers were very helpful in taking the time to correct technique, and would be working throughout the whole class to ensure it ran smoothly. By far the most hospitable gym I've been to, and the best place to learn Muay Thai. The gym also draws a good bunch of people to train with, no meatheads. Would recommend Rattachai to anyone and everyone. Thank you Kru Nai and Nit, I will be back for sure!!!

        "Highly recommend Rattachai!"

        We trained at Rattachai earlier this year and loved it. It's a smaller, quieter gym. We got private training sessions and had an amazing experience sharpening our skills.

        "Great place!"

        Small Group, loads of very kind trainers which are very capabele of learning you how to fight like an muay Thai trainer. Strongly recommend this place

        "The best gym in Phuket"

        The best gym in Phuket :) I have been training here for months and love it. I have learnt so much, thank you!

        "New experience"

        Went here earlier this year and loved my time spent at Rattachai. The trainers are all very knowledgable and worked great with different experience levels.

        "Great place!"

        I have spend almost three Weeks at the Rattachai Gym. The two core value hanging from the wall at the gym “Family atmosphere” and “World-class Trainers” sums up my experience. It is a big promise and the Rattachai Team delivers on these promises each and every day. I feel great respect for the dedication to the sports and the genuin interess to support the leanring progress of each and every student. In a world of commoditization, and commerzializations such places are rare to be found and therefore to be appreciated even more. I wish the family and the trainers all the best for their private and professional endouvers and hope to come back soon. sawadi kap.


        Rattachai is like a second family to me. I spent about 6 months here. I also went and tried a a bunch of other gym in Phuket to see what others had to offer and although I found some other good training facilities Rattachai by far was the best to me. Every training session is basically like personal training really focusing on improving your skills compared to other gyms that seem to just go through the motions to get you in and out of class. Me as a professional fighter I knew what I was looking for and this gym had it all but also my wife trained along side of me not being a fighter but felt she improved her Muay Thai to a level where if she wanted to compete she was ready and very confident thanks to the training at Rattachai. There's a lot of popular gyms in Phuket that spend a lot of money on marketing to get noticed but do yourself a favor and don't buy into that get yourself real Muay Thai training at Rattachai you won't regret it I promise.

        "Great gym!!"

        All staff is friendly and are verry good.. best place in Thailand

        "Great atmosphere"

        The training and atmosphere at Rattachai is second to none, the attention to detail in technique is very precise which helps further your ability to get better at Muay Thai. Whether you are a beginner or at fighting level this gym has a lot to give you. I could not recommend Rattachai any higher!

        "Great place to train"

        Training in Thailand was a dream of mine. Rattachai fulfilled this dream and more. It was perfection in my eyes. Great facilities, great location, and more so, even greater trainers. The tuition you receive at Rattachai is at a world class level. The attention to detail and technique is precisely what you need. Not only are the trainers incredibly kind, genuine, and absolute beasts, but they display true concern in their students. Many places see you as another number, this is not the case here. Rattachai and its people will live with me forever and I will always return there. Whether you want to get in shape, start Muay Thai, or become the best fighter you can be. This is the place.

        "Great atmosphere"

        Rattachai has a great atmosphere, friendly trainers and the office staff are very helpful. They organised all my accommodation and airport transfers and were very fast in responding to my questions in email. I trained a lot with Kru Nai on my trip and i had such a great time. He was so helpful with my technique and is one of the best trainers i have ever met. I will definitely be coming back for another visit soon. Best gym in phuket for sure. Thanks!

        "Amazing place!"

        I tried a couple of different gyms in the chalong area all of them are probably good in their ways. But i didn't feel that the trainers cared for you and wanted to develop YOUR strength's and weaknesess. Then luckily i found Rattachai, who made me feel welcomed the second i walked in there. The trainers are amazing with alot of experience and humble people all the way! They taught me real muay thai. They truly wanted me to get better and i did, feel like iv'e learned tons in just two weeks of training. I will most definiltly come back and i recommend this place to anyone who is interested in learning muay thai, weather u are a pro or a beginner they will adapt to your level of skill! Thank you Rattachai and all of the amazing people i met there, including the people who works outside of the ring, amazing too!


        Rattachai gym is 2nd to none. All the trainers pay so much attention to detail and teach you authentic Muay Thai. They will correct you on all the mistakes you make to improve your skills as much as possible, they push you to the limits but no when to stop so you don't get injured. Rattachai gym is for all levels beghiners through to fighters, next time I am in Phuket for sure I will be returning to Rattachai gym. Miss all you guys see you all soon!

        "Helpful Staff"

        This is a place where you increase stamina, technique and make friends at the same time! Always helpful and exhausting training sessions. Free water. Clean equipment.


        Quality training and they are all about form and technique. Their classes are pretty much like personal training sessions. I traveled half way across the world to train with them and I absolutely was not disappointed. They became like family to me and I will forever have them in my heart. If you want to train Muay Thai come here!

        "Enjoy the journey!"

        If you are after a more personal Muay Thai experience you would do well to look up Nai and the guys at Rattachai gym. My wife and I found them to be super professional and able to bring out the best in us. We loved our time here and would do it all again. Thank you for everything Nai but especially for helping us feel like a part of the family. #bighumblehearts

        "100% recommending rattachai"

        our not treated like a number and they go out off there way to help you Its very good value for money And I would never think of going any where else. I've been coming here for over a year and they remember me every time. Staff are very friendly.

        "Great Time"

        Had a great time here with my little family , very friendly & great trainers great confidence build for my daughter , we are already planning our trip back to Rattachai . Great hard tough sessions & best price in this area . See yous soon , hugs to little Tuptim xxx

        "Highly recommend!"

        Out of Tiger, Dragon & Top Team, Rattachai was Hands Down the best experience! This small gym is family-run, instructors go out of their way to work with you as an individual and I learned far more here than anywhere else.

        "Very Helpful"

        grate gym trainers are brilliant .nit is verry helpful an staff


        I was here for 5 weeks and loved every second of it.The training is progressive and the trainers attention to detail is second to none.It is as much a fighters gym as well as for beginners to sharpen their basics.

        "The best choice"

        The best choice in Phuket for those looking for a high level training, with top instructors, in an easy going and friendly enviroment. Recommended for all ages and skill levels.

        "Nice and Professional"

        Very nice and professional Muay Thai Gym.

        "Great gym"

        Excellent trainers. They are very kind and knowledgeable and take the time to teach you the proper technique. Highly recommend this gym for all levels of Mauy Thai !


        Rattachai Muay Thai Gym is awesome ! The trainers are fantastic and take great care of you every step of the way. They genuinely care about your progress. The facilities are top class and training caters for beginner to advanced fighters. At Rattachai you become part of the family. I have thoroughly enjoyed my training and will be back soon.


        I trained with kru nai on many occasion off and on over the years at tiger . When he opened his own gym i knew it was the place for me to train in a place where i was allways treated as part of the Rattachai family. The trainers and staff at Rattachai are amazing and really look after you which counts for alot if you are traveling alone as i was. I will continue to keep going back to Rattachai for years to come as far as it goes i am in the best gym in phuket. THANK YOU SO MUCH NIT NAI AND THE RATTACHAI STAFF


        Amesone feel like one of the family on your first day and find you don't want to go anywhere else

        "Always smile"

        This is our home away from home gym when we are in Phuket!! Been knowing Kru Nai over 8 yrs always so eager to teach! And always with a smile!

        "Big THANK YOU"

        A really big THANK YOU is not enought for these men.They were like a second family.With their experience and patience taught me a lot.I wouldn't change that gym for anything else.

        "Great trainers"

        I've trained in a few gyms in Phuket. Rattachai was by far the best gym I've trained at in Phuket. Great trainers and very helpful staff at Rattachai Muay Thai . I look forward to my next visit .

        "Professional gym"

        I trained here once with a friend who trains here regularly. This is a friendly , intimate and professional gym. When I come back to Thailand I will certainly be training here for sure.

        "Best Gym on Phuket!!"

        Best Gym on Phuket!! Very nice People it is Family Admosphere. Every Student is Important for The trainer and Talking Care of. You learn The reall Technik in Muay Thai

        "Good fun"

        Thanks to all the trainers, good fun , hard but achievable training , great atmosphere as everyone is enjoying it, from mama & papa

        "The best camp in Thailand"

        The best camp in Thailand in my book. Good service and kind staff. Almost too good.

        "Good people"

        Good people and good training more authentic to other gyms locally.

        "Absolutely enjoyed the workouts"

        Absolutely enjoyed the workouts. The most worn out I've been in ages and the trainers and staff are amazing.

        "Great Time"

        We had a great time at the Rattachai Gym. The Training was very good. See you soon :)

        "Amazing training"

        Amazing training, great family atmosphere, and a once in a lifetime experience. I plan on coming back to Rattachai!

        "Lovely people to meet and train"

        Lovely people to meet and train with. My husband and I walked in off the street & couldn't have been more impressed. Not only very talented Muay Thai but they listened to us & were very helpful and accommodating (without the egos) Looking forward to returning again soon. Thank you.

        "Really good!"

        Really good! The trainers are so friendly and you will learn real muay thai over there!

        "The best"

        Best Muay Thai Gym in Pucket, best trainers

        "Awesome trainers"

        Awesome trainers with a nice, family atmosphere. Great place to train!

        "Best MUAY THAI"

        Best MUAY THAI for me school,big experience, theaching tehnik,condition..and trainers are the TOP in PHUKET the best Muay Thai school and gym :P ;) ! ....RATTACHAI the BEST you can learn and teach real MUAY THAI 555

        "A good place to train Muay Thai"

        A good place to train Muay Thai.I think you will like it here.

        "Best Muay Thai gym"

        Best Muay Thai gym I trained at in my four months in Thailand.


        Kru Suong was fantastic. Learned alot of technical fundamentals. Awesome!!!!!

        "Great time"

        I had a great time in the council. Trainers and staff are very competent and can help you individually!!


        Ótimos treinos !!!���� ambiente familiar �top Todos professores são ótimos nível técnico nota 1000



        "Super Trainer"

        Super Trainer, man kann richtig was lernen , wir kommen auf jeden Fall wieder

        "The best gym in Phuket"

        The best gym in Phuket under a very experienced fighter & teacher .. Chok Dee Naa my beloved Guru Khru Rattanachai

        "So happy"

        So happy to be a part of the launch of your Gym! Best wishes for the future and see you soon

        "It's beautiful"

        It's beautiful good continuation with much success.

        "Totally recommend"

        Amazing gym with some of the best trainers . They look after you and they pay attention to your technique . Totally recommend it if you’re in Phuket !

        "Awesome gym!"

        Awesome gym ! Awesome trainers & staff! And brilliant , friendly owners! Highly reccomend to anyone wanting top quality training for traditional muay thai in a quiet gym


        Great. Must try!

        "This is the best Muay Thai gym in Phuket"

        This is the best Muay Thai gym in Phuket that I’ve been to. Great trainers, great atmosphere! I learned a lot during my time at Rattichai! I can’t wait to go back!

        "The best place in Phuket"

        The best place in Phuket to train! Can’t wait to come back.

        "Feel at home"

        As a beginner the trainers were patient and professional. Rattachai Muay Thai caters for fighters at all levels and makes everyone feel at home. Thank you for having me!

        "Great gym"

        A great gym nice friendly atmosphere they push you and know the fight game. they tell you straight away where to improve where some gyms don’t .

        "You won’t be disappointed"

        Rattachai Muay Thai is a great family-ran gym in Phuket. It is one of the few gyms that I have been to that truly deserves five stars for a few reasons. First, it is located one street away from soi-ta-iad so it is very close to everything that “fighters” street has to offer. Second, the gym itself is very clean and well ran. Third, Noi and Nit are two of the kindest people that you will ever meet and they make you feel welcomed at their gym. This isn’t a gym that is just for fighters. Everyone is welcomed and everyone receives great training. Fourth, the gym is never over-crowded. A big problem with a lot of the gyms on Soi-ta-iad is that they have too many guests and too few trainers. As a result, your often just a face and no one really gets to know you. The community at Rattachai is much smaller and much more tight-knit. Fifth, the trainers at Rattachai all have an amazing fighting background and do a wonderful job of focusing on technique. The trainers don’t just focus on the most talented students. They provide everyone with high-quality training and make sure to point out mistakes as soon as you make them. As a result, your technique is sure to improve very quickly and you will really learn a lot. Finally, price. You get all of the perks of training with champions without a high price. The training is definitely worth the cost. Rattachai Muay Thai is one of the best gyms that I have ever visited. After having trained in Thailand, China, the Philippines, and the United States I can say that Rattachai is truly a great gym for people of all ages and all levels. Do yourself a favor and check it out if you are in Phuket. You won’t be disappointed.


        The atmosphere the people, everything about this place is 10/10!

        "I recommend this gym"

        It was my first time in thailand. I visited 3 muay thai camps in phuket and rattachai was my absolut favourite gym.One good thing in my oppinion : They offer only MUAY THAI. I trained here with my brother. We took part in the group sessions and had some private lesson too. Very nice and kind trainers ( greatings to Bas ,who worked with me ) and great training. They worked with everybody on his personally level of skills.So I recommend this gym for any muay thai practitioners ,beginner ,advanced ,fighter......


        the best experience in phuket. train in Rattachai with Kru Bas, unforgettable. A place 100% recommended. I will be back!!!

        "Very good"

        I am Honored to be welcomed into the Rattachai gym family, Kru Nai is a great teacher and a legend in the Muay Thai world! I would highly recommend training here to anyone visiting the Soi Ta ied area who wants a more traditional Muay Thai gym experience, but with all the positive aspects of the other more commercial gyms.

        "Excellent experience"

        An excellent experience, you really get those one on one with the trainers...would definitely train here again

        "Experience and technical knowledge"

        A hidden gem in Chalong, just off the main strip of gyms. A gym full of experience and technical knowledge which they will patiently deliver to you, even as a beginner, with a welcoming demeanor

        "Veryone was really friendly the gym is in good"

        Today I called in to the gym to catch up with my good friend namsaknoi. The gym is a great very clean and spacious very good trainers everyone was really friendly the gym is in good location with plenty of hotels quest houses and places to eat i would highly recommend the gym to anybody from beginner to fighter i had my 11 year old son with my and the trainer’s took great care of him I will definitely be returning thanks Paul

        "Favourite Muay Thai gym in Phuket"

        Favourite Muay Thai gym in Phuket. Well worth the walk down from Tiger Road. Really friendly atmosphere, trainers are brilliant and the classes themselves are first class. Can’t recommend enough

        "Great gym very friendly trainers"

        Great gym very friendly trainers with lots of one on one focus for every level showing very fine attention to detail with everything , they have some exceptional English speaking coaches explaining techniques and drills very clearly . Highly recommended

        "Friendly atmosphere and very good"

        Favourite Muay Thai gym in Phuket. Well worth the walk down from Tiger Road. Really friendly atmosphere, trainers are brilliant and the classes themselves are first class. Can’t recommend enough

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