Private - 10 Lessons @ Amazing Muay Thai, Hua Hin (Seaside, Central Thailand) : Book Now. all inclusive, no hidden fees

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        Private - 10 Lessons @ Amazing Muay Thai, Hua Hin (Seaside, Central Thailand)

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        Per Person
        Hua Hin
        1 hour(s)
        10 Time(s)


        At Amazing Muay Thai Gym, here in Hua Hin, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle as fulfill their dreams of becoming a fighter.

        We have made it simple, affordable and convenient for everyone to achieve their personal goals. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, young or old, we're here for everyone. We have at least four full-time trainers, who are also all professional fighters themselves. We help prepare you for fights and enter you into competition if we think you are ready (and you think you are ready too!).

        Muay Thai training is the perfect way to develop physical fitness to the highest level, combining strength training and cardio exercise which also help to reduce stress. At all levels, from beginner to advanced, you'll not only improve your fitness but also perfect the fundamentals behind the art of Muay Thai.

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        • Friendly, English-speaking instructors
        • Learn and perfect Muay Thai boxing moves
        • Learn new combinations
        • Burn calories and improve fitness
        • Increase strength and coordination
        • Good, clean, up-to-date facilities
        • Opportunity to enter real Muay Thai fights

        Training Section Outline

        Sample Training Guideline (Depending on skill level)

        1. First 15 mins -- Wrapping hand and start warm up by Stretching, running, skipping then exercises (sit ups, planks and legs raises)
        2. Then 5 mins break
        3. 8 movement Combos in the mirror ,punch, hook, elbow, knee and kick) by shadow approx. 15 mins
        4. Then 5 mins break
        5. 8 movement combos by equipment approx. 15 mins
        6. Then 5 mins break
        7. 8 movement combos with trainer approx. 15-20 mins
        8. Fresh-up by stretching and leg raises approx. 10 mins



        "Nice & funny"

        I made 5 sessions. The booking was very easy via whatsapp. The people are so nice & funny I was looking forward to the next session every day! The training is amazing - perfect for everybody! Thank you!!

        "Good service, good teacher"

        Thank You - good place, good service, good teacher��

        "Heel goed mensen"

        heel goed mensen uit Belgie proper alles nieuw van Booster kom eens kijken


        Brilliant teacher for the 1:1 sessions. Wish we could go again but we left the following morning.

        "Great gym"

        Great gym with dedicated Kru"s who teach you the correct way on how to practice Muay Thai! I had great sessions on the pads, heavy bags, clinching and sparring sessions. Overall a great gym and not to forget the kind hospitality from the owner Pierrot and his spouse. Once I return to Hua Hin I know exactly the gym to train. Thanks

        "A positive experience"

        A positive experience with Amazing Muay Thai Gym. They were prompt with their replies. The gym itself is close to Blu Port shopping Centre, a 15mins walk into the parallel Soi. Gym has a good range of fitness and gym equipment, a ring and several heavy bags. Toilets and showers were available and they were clean. They do not run group classes at the moment and the 2 of us did a personal training session with Kru. It was great as Kru was able to tailor the training to our abilities and needs. Kru helped my friend who is a beginner with her techniques and was very encouraging. He was also very patient and gentle with her during pad work. They also have softer heavy bags for beginners so it doesn't cause too much discomfort for the newbies while building up their confidence and techniques. Being an intermediate practitioner, Kru was able to help improve some of my techniques that still needed more work. We did skipping, shadow boxing, 4 rounds of pad work each, heavy bags, sit ups and stretching. A great way to start off the day!


        i hope i will come back soon, i miss to play muaythai !

        "Skitbra tränare!!"

        Skitbra tränare!!


        I had not been to a Muay Thai fight night in years and never in Hua Hin. Like all sports it makes a difference to see it live and up close. Last night was a throw-down of nearly back-to-back fights of kids, girls, and men that included wins by points, TKOs and KOs. The entire staff, officials, and servers did an outstanding job and put on an excellent night of sporting entertainment at Hua Hin Amazing Muay Thai Gym.


        Superkul och bra instruktörer

        "Very good training"

        Very good training. Good pad, Big place

        "Great Training"

        All the Love from TMT(Tullinge muay thai) sweden, great Training, the best trainers and alot of Fun, We Will 120% come back next year.

        "Truly recommend"

        Excellent trainers at Amazing Muay Thai Gym. I took three sweaty private lessons where I learned a lot. Truly recommend it!

        "Very good place"

        Very good place.

        "Nice place"

        Nice place indeed to workout at.


        Not so easy to book through Whatsapp due language barrier, but the 2 trainers I met speak English well and are very good. Thoroughly enjoyed my sessions here, decent value for money and I'll definitely be back.

        "Best place in Hua Hin"

        Best trainers, good time and very nice gym!

        About Gym

        Amazing Muay Thai

        At Amazing Muay Thai, we're here for everyone - whether you're beginner or a pro, young or old, our experienced trainers are here to help.

        92/73 Soi 102, Nongkae, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan

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