Train with ex-Champion Kru Burklek @ MuayThai Siam Heritage Gardens : Book Now. all inclusive, no hidden fees

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        Train with ex-Champion Kru Burklek @ MuayThai Siam Heritage Gardens

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        This course is exclusive only to It includes one-on-one lessons with master Burklerk himself. Master Burklerk won two championships at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium (the most famous stadium in Thailand). He also has many years' experience training fighters and students of all levels. Whatever your level of training, if you're looking to truly master the techniques of Muay Thai, learning directly from the best, this course is for you!


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        • Learn directly from one of the greats, over the course of 2-hour lessons with 2-time Lumpinee champion Kru Burklerk. As well as being 2 time Lumpinee champion, Master Burklerk also has experience fighting Muay Thai abroad.
        • Benefit from the trainer's undivided attention as he teaches you the techniques. Kru Burklerk had over 170 professional fights. Working one-on-one with him for 2 hours will allow you to make the best use of his years of experience.
        • Flexibility: when you work one-on-one with the trainer, you're not bound to follow a class structure and train with everyone else. It allows you to choose what you need to focus on, and to ask for help working on whatever techniques you want with the master himself.

        Training Section Outline

        Training Guideline (It is up to your skills)

        1. First 15 mins -- Wrapping hands and warm up by, running, skipping, stretching and then exercises (sit ups, planks and legs raises)
        2. Short break
        3. Shadow Boxing - combinations in the mirror (punches, kicks, knees and elbows) approximately 15 mins
        4. Short break
        5. Combinations on punching and kicking bags approximately 15 mins
        6. Short break
        7. One-on-one pad-work with trainer approximately 15-20 mins
        8. Cool down with stretching and conditioning approximately 10 mins

        About Gym

        Muaythai Siam Heritage Gardens

        Learn directly from one of the legend of Muay Thai Champions, 2-time Lumpinee champion Kru Burklerk.

        52100, Sop Tui, Mueang Lampang, Lampang

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        Per Person
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