Learn Muay Thai in the heart of Bangkok @ RSM Asoke

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Learn Muay Thai in the heart of Bangkok @ RSM Asoke

RSM Muay Thai Academy

The RSM academy offers a platform for enthusiasts of all ages and abilities to explore Muay Thai. Our proximity to the heart of the Muay Thai community has allowed us to enlist the services of renowned fighters and trainers with expertise in both martial arts, and fitness training.



Our trainers are qualified by both personal interview and physical training audition (Muay Thai and boxing) with the requirement of a professional background who is working with a positive or a great attitude are our main point because the professional is not as great as a professional with the right attitude that will leads to the right communications and impression from us student to our student. 

Training Session Outline

Beginner class will have you leanring everything from Rope jump, hand wrapping to  definitely fun, Starts from basic lessons for example: stretching, body weight - Shadow training, Bag training and 3 rounds patching with not over 15 students/1 trainer on the 1  to 1.5 hours class.

USD 15.3 Per Person
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