ED Visa Muay Thai Group Class Package 1 Year with Accom and Breakfast @CMT Camp, Phuket : Book Now. all inclusive, no hidden fees

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        ED Visa Muay Thai Group Class Package 1 Year with Accom and Breakfast @CMT Camp, Phuket

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        125 Time(s)


        CMT Muay Thai school is located in Phuket, the attractive island city Thailand. Local people, interested in Muay Thai, founded the school and are proud to continue the traditional sport.

        Qualified trainers, with close to 40 years of experience, specialize in teaching Muay Thai and Muay Boran. The program is suitable for all people in different level: basic, intermediate and advance. Training sessions are various such as Muay Thai clinching, outdoor training at beaches, local parks or Big Buddha weekly, Wai Kru (the ritual performed by fighters before starting the competition), special techniques from former boxer trainers, etc.

        Everyone is welcome to enjoy authentic Muay Thai and Muay Boran experience, best atmosphere, as well as positive energy from surrouding staff.

        Accommodation is comfortable, clean and family-friendly.

        For information on the Education visa, visit our visa advice section here https://muaythaiok.com/faq/#visa. Our staff are here to help smooth the process over so please get in touch with any questions via this form https://muaythaiok.com/contact/.


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        • Professional trainers with more than 10 years of experience
        • Outdoor training (beaches, local park, etc.)
        • Muay Thai & Western boxing
        • Provided different activities in each session
        • Surrounded by attractive spots & Gyms
        • Good facilities
        • Accommodation

        Training Section Outline

        Each session consists of the following

        • A 30 minute warm up/stretching routine
        • 20 minute of mirrored Muay Thai shadow boxing
        • 15 minute of Muay Thai technique work with the partner
        • 3 X 3min rounds of pad work with trainer
        • 3 X 3min rounds of pad working on the heavy bag
        • 3 X 3min rounds of sparring/clinching
        • 200 alternating front kicks on the heavy bag
        • 200 jump knee on heavy bag
        • 200 sit ups and push-ups (or as many as you can)
        • Cool down/stretching

        Additional Activity in a week








        Morning Class 

        8 - 10 am

        Boxing Sparring


        Muay Thai Sparring

        5 Specials Techniques

        Boxing Sparring

        Outdoor Workout

        Afternoon Class

        4 - 6 pm

        Muay Thai Sparring


        Boxing Sparring

        Wai Kru

        Muay Thai Sparring

        Outdoor Workout

        *Every Saturday we train in different places like Big Buddha, Beaches or Local Parks

        What's included

        • Special activities
        • 1 Year accommodation
        • Thai language lessons 160 hours
        • 1 Year Ed visa (Click here for visa advice)
        • Daily Breakfast

        Fee excludes:

        • Visa changing fee: 15,000 baht
        • Visa extension every 3 months: 5,000 baht
        • Transportation


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        • You must present an email mobile at the selected gym for this class
        • The booking is valid only on the date and time specified

        About Gym

        CMT School, Phuket

        CMT Muay Thai school is located in Phuket, the attractive island city of Thailand. Training here is the perfect combination of training and traveling.

        20/25 Moo 5 Soi Ta-Aed 14, Chaofa Nok Road, Chalong Phuket 83130 Thailand

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        Per Person
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