Group - 1 Month (incl. accom.) @ Luktupfah, Bangkok (City, Central Thailand) : Book Now. all inclusive, no hidden fees

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        Group - 1 Month (incl. accom.) @ Luktupfah, Bangkok (City, Central Thailand)

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        48 Time(s)


        Luktupfah Muay Thai school is an extremely diverse Muay Thai camp in Bangkok. We accommodate all levels of proficiency in Muay Thai from absolute beginner to professional fighters, male and female, and students of any age. Luktupfah is family run and we pride ourselves on offering traditional Thai hospitality. Therefore, we make sure that our guests feel welcome and at home, and receive the best professional training during their stay at the camp.

        If you're just starting your Muay Thai journey, our experienced trainers can teach you the fundamental techniques that make Muay Thai one of the most famous martial arts in the world. If you already have some experience and are looking to take things to the next level, our rigorous physical conditioning will put you in the best shape of your life, while our trainers share the experience that they have earned over the course of hundreds of professional fights. Master Woody also organises several Muay Thai events, so if you're ready to get in the ring, you'll get your chance with us!

        All of our trainers have very impressive resumes, with an extensive history in Muay Thai as retired pro fighters as well as being certified by the Kru Muay Thai. They also have great knowledge in Muay Boran and a couple of our trainers are also judges and referees for large Muay Thai events in and outside Thailand; including Super Muay Thai and All Star fight, with Buakaw being one of the main fighters on the card.

        The gym is owned by Grand Master Woody who has been teaching and promoting Muay Thai throughout the world his entire life. He is the president of World MuayThai Organization (WMO), Kru MuayThai Association (KMA) and World MuayThai Boran Federation (WMBF).

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        • Make yorself at home: friendly, English-speaking instructors and a family atmosphere
        • Learn Muay Thai boxing moves, skills, combinations and techniques
        • Escape the city: Quiet, tranquil location - just a short drive from Bangkok
        • Opportunity to take part in real Muay Thai fights and events
        • Trainers with years of experience and hundreds of professional fights
        • The gym is open air on the outskirts of Bangkok, in a greener area of Bangkok

        Training Section Outline

        Morning Class

        - Stretching

        - Fitness (strength and conditioning/circuit)


        - Muay Thai (Technique/padwork/sparring/clinch)

        - Drills (Knees on the bag etc.)


        Afternoon Class

        - Jump Rope 15 minute

        - Stretching

        - Shadow boxing (2-3 rounds)

        - Technique *

        - Padwork

        - Bagwork

        - Sparring (Boxing/Muay Thai)


        - Clinch (20 minute)

        - Drills

        - Abs/core

        (Some days may vary depending on what the trainers plan for that particular session)

        What's included

        • Accommodation with en-suite facilities and air-conditioning for 1 month
        • 2 training sessions per day for 1 month (Monday - Saturday)
        • 3 meals per day for 1 month



        "Loved it!"

        Loved it! Tough training, but well worth it.. and everyone is so friendly. Definitely want to go back

        "Wonderfull surprise this Gym"

        What a wonderfull surprise this Gym is, Great People, familiary atmosphere and professional training without ego Thank you Luktupfah Muay Thai, looking forward to visit you again!

        "Great team"

        Great team, good training, very nice people.

        "Best experience"

        Words is not enough to express! Best experience. From staff, Coaches, and masters are really great. It feels home. The ambiance makes me more motivated. So happy and proud to be part of this best training camp in Thailand. Thank you LUKTUPFAH GYM!!!

        "Excellent gym"

        Luktupfah is a excellent gym with lovely instructors and great training, i will definatly be returning

        "It is the best gym"

        It is the best gym. The teacher are teach me a lot about Muay Thai , make me more understand for Muay Thai skill . Also they are very friendly and teach carefully. Next time I will come me again👍👍

        "On Top!"

        On Top! Great team and good atmosphere! Very good experience!

        "Very impressed with the camp"

        Was very impressed with the camp and the staff even though I am here for a very short time. Will be definitely returning in the future. The best muayrhai boran camp nd truly amazing..... lovely atmosphere with great teachers and staff.

        "Great people and gym"

        Couldn't recommend this place enough!!.....Great people , great value, once in a lifetime !!

        "Great teachers"

        Was welcomed like family right from the beginning. Great teachers, lots of one on one time with the trainers, and a fun environment that pushes you at your own pace. Lots of personality to this place! I will DEFINITELY be going back in the future :-)

        "Amazing camp"

        Amazing camp really friendly there like family they helped me in every way possible not just making me a better fighter and trainer but helping me with everything I needed help with in the community they really care about there students 5 stars hands down!!

        "This is more than a camp"

        This is more than a camp, it's a family. Whether you are a beginner, or a professional, here you will find what you need. Mr.M.Woody, his daughter Jade and all the staff, are competent and attentive to your needs.

        "Một gia đình MuayThai của đội tuyển Muay Việt Nam."

        Nơi đào tạo Muaythai truyền thống về quyền thuật hàng đầu tại Thái Land.. một gia đình MuayThai của đội tuyển Muay Việt Nam.

        "It's great"

        it's great the training there! Thanks to the Luktupfah Gym Team

        "Great experiance"

        It was a Great experiance! Great Trainers, Great People! I learned so much new about muay Thai and i come back!

        "Great time full of new experiences"

        From the beginning you were so well received that you felt as part of a large family. The training was always adapted to the level of performance, was intense but also connected with fun. I particularly liked the fact that a lot of value was placed on the technik and that errors were corrected immediately. The whole team was very experienced and authentic. Thank you for this great time full of new experiences. Greetings from Germany

        "Loved it!"

        Loved it! Training’s excellent. The trainers were very specific and detailed in every movement. The camp felt like a huge international family.

        "I like it a lot!"

        Old school profesional! I like it a lot!

        About Gym


        At Luktupfah Muay Thai , we accommodate all levels of proficiency in Muay Thai from absolute beginners to professional fighters, male and female and students of any age. Train for a full month with our experienced trainers.

        No.15 Soi On Nut 65 Yeak 8, Prawet

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