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        Group Muay Thai training in the ancient city

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        MUAY THAI is well known around the world as a combat sport that has a number of benefits for health and self-defence. Not only does it help to increase agility, speed, cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength, but it also helps to build character and personality, as well as to supports mental peace and relief from stress.

        Anyone can learn

        At Ayothaya Fight Gym, we offer a range of training options with all with superior health and fitness benefits - such as weight-loss programmes, improving martial arts techniques for beginners, and advanced skills training for professional fighters. The training programmes vary depending on customer skill levels. Our trainers pay close attention to every customer so we can ensure that everyone is comfortable in every class and gets the most out of it. This is because we emphasise a dynamic caring programme for each customer level with three trainers keeping an eye out and the number of students limited to 15 to 20 maximum per session.

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        • A focus on improving movement and technique
        • Training with experienced trainers
        • Learning different combinations
        • Good facilities
        • Learn in the ancient city



        "Good workout at Ayutthaya"

        I really enjoyed Working out with These guys in Ayutthaya. It was a amazing experience. I traveled through Thailand for a month and tried 2 more muy thai gym in koh phangan and chiang mai but this one so far it's my favorite. They have a young instructor but he is a really experience muy thai fighter. He will push you and he will teach you some amazing techniques.

        "Great experience"

        nice place for training with professional coaches. good service and equipment as well.

        "Awesome Experience"

        Awesome, Staff. Great facilities. Old School Thai Experience.

        About Gym

        Ayothaya Fight Gyms

        This course will provide a foundation of MuayThai. You can see an overview what MuayThai really is with rich cultural surroundings. This gym also is partner with Kru Dam gym in Bangkok.

        109 Moo 1, Phu Khao Thong, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

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        Per Person
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