Group - 1 Lesson @ KruDam Ratburana, Bangkok (City, Central Thailand) : Book Now. all inclusive, no hidden fees

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        Group - 1 Lesson @ KruDam Ratburana, Bangkok (City, Central Thailand)

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        Dam Srichan is the only Thai world class athlete chosen to serve the country for five different sport categories including MuayThai, boxing, kickboxing, karate and taekwondo. Dam Srichan served his country well winning many medals across all disciplines, in particular, winning gold in Muay Thai and boxing at the South East Asia Games. Equipped with such a great variety of fighting skills and incredible talents, he decided he would like to do more for the public. Dam Shrichan founded a school of Muay Thai and designed his own unqiue curriculum which became well regarded and officially supported by the Ministry of Education of Thailand.


        MUAY THAI is well known around the world as a combat sport that has a number of benefits for health and self-defence. Not only does it help to increase agility, speed, cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength, but it also helps to build character and personality, as well as to supports mental peace and relief from stress.

        Anyone can learn

        At KRUDAM GYM, we offer a range of training options with all with superior health and fitness benefits - such as weight-loss programmes, improving martial arts techniques for beginners, and advanced skills training for professional fighters. The training programmes vary depending on customer skill levels. Our trainers pay close attention to every customer so we can ensure that everyone is comfortable in every class and gets the most out of it. This is because we emphasise a dynamic caring programme for each customer level with three trainers keeping an eye out and the number of students limited to 15 to 20 maximum per session.


        • Moving correctness
        • Trainning with experienced trainers
        • Earning a lot of techniques
        • Good facilities

        Training Section Outline

        Training Guideline (It is up to your skills)

        1. First 15 mins -- Wrapping hands and warm up by, running, skipping, stretching and then exercises (sit ups, planks and legs raises)
        2. Short break
        3. Shadow Boxing - combinations in the mirror (punches, kicks, knees and elbows) approximately 15 mins
        4. Short break
        5. Combinations on punching and kicking bags approximately 15 mins
        6. Short break
        7. One-on-one pad-work with trainer approximately 15-20 mins
        8. Cool down with stretching and conditioning approximately 10 mins

        Cancellation Policy


        4 reviews


        Ultimately any training results are about how hard you can push yourself. I have trained at Krudam gym on several different locations. The trainer in here is a great coach and if you can train here, I am sure you could learn a lot :)

        "Friendly environment"

        Very friendly for all trainers. Lots of friends around.


        Great atmosphere! Trainers took care closely. This gym is the best ever!

        "It's worth"

        This gym is not too far. The trainers are also friendly. I'm really like this gym.

        About Gym

        Krudam Gym - Bangkok

        We train with quality and righteousness at the same level of standard. This course will provide a foundation of MuayThai. You can see an overview what MuayThai really is.

        176/1 Garden Park, Ratburana Road, Bangpakok, Ratburana

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        Per Person

        Per Person
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