Group - 1 Lesson @ Sit Je Mam, Pai (Rural, N. Thailand) : Book Now. all inclusive, no hidden fees

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        Group - 1 Lesson @ Sit Je Mam, Pai (Rural, N. Thailand)

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        Performing Muay Thai at its best. With this simple idea in mind, gym manager Ms Supanee "Mam" Changpradit and her husband Mr Emmanuele Corti took over the local Muay Thai gym in 2012. In under two years, they managed to rejuvenate the half-abandoned boxing camp and establish a reputation of quality Muay Thai training.

        Our boxers have fought in some of the biggest promotions in Thailand and abroad - and we have rapidly become the only boxing camp in the area visited by internationally renowned fighters such as: Mathias Gallo Cassarino (WPMF World Champion, WMC International Champion), Kris Addis (WMF European Champion), Ilya Grad (WMC World Champion, I-1 World Champion, WCK International Champion) , Marloes Merza (WMF PRO #3, Dutch K1 Champion), and Junmar "El Toro" Eamon, among others.

        By working in small groups and trying to give our students a more personal, focused preparation, we represent the perfect choice for beginners and amateurs as well as established Muay Thai fighters. You'll get to train with some of the most talented active fighters on the market and you will appreciate the quality of instruction we provide that will help your skill level to increase rapidly.

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        • One-time class to get a taste of Muay Thai
        • Friendly, English-speaking instructors
        • Learn Boxing Exercises
        • Learn Muay Thai moves
        • Burn calories and improve fitness
        • Increase stength and coordination

        Training Section Outline

        Sitjemam's students receive training based on the following weekly scheduled program, and although it is the same for everyone , beginners will be given step by step instruction focusing more on technique while fighters will be granted our special care.


        Every session

        • Rope skipping /jump on tyres
        • Shadow boxing/techniques(supervised by a trainer)
        • Bagwork(supervised by a trainer)
        • Padwork with a trainer
        • Clinching
        • Drills on the bags(knees,kicks, push kicks in group, supervised)
        • Sparring(3x weekly)
        • Core exercises(neck,arms,back,abs,legs)
        • Cool down and stretching


        Remark :- Every morning warm up run on three scheduled routes (4 km, 8 km, sprints)

        About Gym

        Sitjemam Muay Thai

        Sitjemam Muay Thai Pai proudly represents Muay Farang project for Northern Thailand, offering the highest standards of training, managing and promotion in the country.

        2 Moo 6, Maenateung, Na Jalong , Pai, 58130

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        Per Person
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