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UFC Gym Taiwan gym classes

The UFC champion is the best-trained athlete in the world.* To succeed in the Octagon®, these athletes work daily to master multiple martial arts with supreme strength and stamina. And though their disciplines differ, their determination to get back up and be better tomorrow never wanes. It is this winning mentality that pushes us to TRAIN DIFFERENT®. Through exclusive access to UFC athletes, ongoing analysis of their training and nutrition regimens, and their incorporation as program advisors and coaches, UFC GYM makes elite training available to everyone. TRAIN DIFFERENT® today and tap into your potential by fusing the multi-disciplined approach of mixed martial arts with state-of-the-art equipment and top-notch coaching, supported by a motivating community of fitness enthusiasts you won't find anywhere else. Regardless of your age or fitness level, we'll help you own your goals with strength, courage, and discipline.

UFC Gym Taiwan

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UFC Gym Taiwan gym classes

What Customers are Saying

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"Awesome place!"

Awesome place! Thanks to Samson Ken Huang for showing us around! JP from The Michael Bolton Band....

"Good indeed"

UFC is a good sport,exercise and self discipline..

"Like this place"

Like this place

"Highly recommended"


"Nice place"

這邊的教練很親切!環境也很舒適,很喜歡 健身房內還附有餐廳(悠濼廚房),覺得很


我喜歡UFC GYM TAIWAN , 都很不錯!對我來說只有一個地方要加強,就是「地板」,我發覺地板越來越髒了,每次要放東西在地上時,心裡都會有點疙瘩,手撐在地板上做一些動作,起身後手很黑、很多灰塵,希望地板也能夠加入例行清潔,其它,我覺得整體都維持得不錯!棒棒!推薦!


其實也沒甚麼好挑剔的,就是一個不錯的運動環境,現場工作人員都很客氣,器材不會使用教練也很熱心做介紹,不過要推私人教練課程,建議可以直接開門見山問有沒有意願,不然教練講解很久之後,結果沒意願大家也尷尬,也浪費了寶貴時間,選課APP部分真的是有些問題,一開始國籍預設是China,也是摸了一陣子才能正常選課,另外專業武術部分,建議可以拉長時間到1個半小時,1個小時的技術訓練,留半小時給學員做有規則輕鬆的對練,不僅能加強學員記憶課堂上教授的技術,也較能理解技術運用範圍。 總結服務人員教練都很親切客氣,環境不錯設備完善,真的是一個好地方!

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