Group - 1 week (12 Lessons) @ Naka MuayThai, Phuket (Island) : Book Now. all inclusive, no hidden fees

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        Group - 1 week (12 Lessons) @ Naka MuayThai, Phuket (Island)

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        We are a Thai Boxing gym located by the beautiful Kata Beach, Phuket. At Naka Muay Thai we offer a high-quality training programme in a friendly atmosphere to anyone who is interested in learning the art of Muay Thai.

        Whether you are an experienced professional fighter or completely new to the sport, we will help you reach your goals. Goals may vary from basic training to preparation for the fight, sharpening stand-up skills for MMA, getting fit, losing weight or just for fun. We are dedicated to you!

        Muay Thai is a martial arts style in which the feet, shins, knees, fists and elbows are used as weapons to strike. The style was developed as a hand-to-hand combat system by soldiers several centuries ago. They developed their techniques and tested their skills in actual battle and this explains it's effectiveness. As these soldiers returned from war they started competing with each other in matches and this is how Muay Thai evolved into a sport. Through the years the sport modernised and became less brutal by introducing gloves, time limits, weight classes and a points system. To this day, it is the national sport of Thailand and a matter of great national pride and culture.

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        • Friendly, English-speaking instructors
        • Learn Muay Thai boxing moves
        • Learn combinations
        • Learn new skills and techniques
        • Introduce you new skills and techniques

        Training Section Outline

        • Warming-up/running
        • Shadow boxing
        • Technique training with a partner
        • Bagwork
        • Padwork
        • Clinching/sparring
        • Additional fitness and cooling down

        Remark :- Things may vary depending on level, amount and demand of the customers. If you train twice a day we will adapt the training accordingly. Emphasising different aspects in each session.

        What's included

        • Free acces to Strenght & Conditioning training



        "Super friendly"

        From beginner to advanced, this place catered for all fitness levels and skillsets. The team there are super friendly and I highly recommend anyone to drop in and check them out for a sesh!


        If you looking for real Muay Thai, I recommend Naka Muay Thai in Kata beach. Catered for all skill sets from beginner to professional and all martial art background is welcome. Family own camp, the trainers are super friendly, they provide great Muay Thai techqinual and self-defense. Great price and great value for money.


        Excellent coaches very friendly and welcoming. Extremely hospitable staff clean Trainjng area expert technique framework , would recommend to all from beginners to expert fighters. I loved every second of training at Naka Muay Thai

        "Unforgettable experience"

        We met the most amazing bunch of coaches and every session was fun! The positive energies they released was phenomenal! By the end of it they felt like our family. I would highly recommend them and I know we are definitely coming back soon!! Thank you so much Tony, Noom, Noi, Wat, Papa and Maplung for giving us an unforgettable experience

        "Awesome experience"

        Awesome session with Tony!! Love his dedication and passion when teaching us. If you are looking for a group muay thai session when you're in Phuket. Naka Muay Thai at Kata Beach is definitely the one to choose! All the best to your coming fight Tony! Bag in another KO win in your record. Cheers!


        Great coach and nice facilities. Lots of active fighters training here and all greet you with smiles. Will definitely be back!

        "The best"

        Best training session in a while. We booked a private class and the gym offered us a ride from our hotel to the gym which was absolutely awesome. The actual training was very high quality and you can see that Tony (the owner) is a professional. In only 1 hour i learned so many things, nevertheless, I train 3 times a week on my daily basis. The staff was amazing and very kind. Thank you!!

        "Nice atmosphere"

        A perfect place to train real muay thai. Very good trainers and nice atmosphere.

        "Awesome experience"

        What an awesome experience. Cannot thank Naka Muay Thai enough.

        About Gym


        Our trainers are experienced fighters and certified trainers in the fields of: Muay Thai, other marial arts, Fitness, Nutrition and (sport)Psychology. These credentials allow us to offer you a varied, intense and exciting training program.

        Soi Kwonton 10, Karon, Phuket

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        Per Person
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