Affordable Private Class 10 Entries @Jaroenthong Ratchada : Book Now. all inclusive, no hidden fees

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        Affordable Private Class 10 Entries @Jaroenthong Ratchada

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        Jaroenthong Ratchada, one of 12 domestic and international branches of Jaroenthong, is founded in 2016 under management of Jaroenthong Kiatbanchaong who achieved great renown for his Lumphini Champion for 115, 126 and 135 lbs and the World Muay Thai champion (WMC) over Ramon Dekkers. It is claimed that it is number 1 Muay Thai for with many awards gaurantee. Gym is recognized and visited by many successful boxers, for instance, top UFC fighter Kevin Lee, Bixante Lizarazu, WBC champion Srisaket Sor Rungvisai who defeated Roman Gonsalez. Moreover, gym also hosts an episode Fear Factor, live TV Program channel 8 "Muaythai Super Champ", Israeli TV program, Muay Thai show for Amazing Race Asia 2017, Fight Club Thailand and Training for Thai Super Champ.

        Physical Conditioning: Kru Ped believes: “There are no fat people, only lazy ones!”. Combining intensive cardio and strength training, our classes provide the perfect work-out, whether you're preparing to compete in Muay Thai, or just looking to get in shape.

        Beginners: Master the fundamentals of the ancient art of Muay Thai. Over the course of 20 lessons, you will learn punches, kicks, knees and elbows directly from highly experienced trainers.

        Intermediate/Advanced: Take your training to the next level by training with some of the best and most experienced trainers around. Improve your technique and gain ring experience with great fighters.

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        • Trainers are former successful boxers and highly qualified
        • Easily accessed from MRT 
        • Affordable price
        • Exclusively for monthly clients, gym can be used without any additional expense

        Training Section Outline

        Training Guideline (Adapted to skill level)

        1. Wrapping hands and warm up by running, skipping, stretching and then strengthening exercises (sit ups, planks and legs raises) (approx. 15 mins)
        2. Short break
        3. Shadow Boxing - combinations in the mirror (punches, kicks, knees and elbows) (15 mins)
        4. Short break
        5. Combinations on the punch bag - punch, elbows, knees and kicking (15 mins)
        6. Short break
        7. One-on-one pad work with the trainer (15-20 mins)
        8. Cool down with stretching and conditioning (10 mins)

        What's included

        • Training expense

        Fee excludes:

        • Transportation
        • Meals
        • Fitness area entrance


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        About Gym

        Jaroenthong, Bangkok/Phuket/Samui

        Number 1 Muay Thai gym for exercise with many awards guarantee

        205/27-28 Ratchadaphisek Road, Din Daeng, Bangkok

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        Per Person
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