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        The Sacred Heart of Muay Thai. Home of Legends

        Tuesday, Friday, Saturday


        5,000 Capacity


        Watch pro fighters challenge for titles at Thailand's largest dedicated boxing stadium. Fights are held every week on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday (except on Buddhist holidays).

        from 8 reviews


        An Incredible Atmosphere | Thailand's Greatest Boxing Stadium

        Lumpinee Boxing Stadium is a favourite destination for true Muay Thai fans. With a capacity crowd of 5,000, it is extremely popular with tourists seeking a special Thai experience with an awesome atmosphere. Established in 1956, Lumpinee is one of most famous boxing stadiums in Thailand where many leading Muay Thai professionals have achieved cult status to made a name for themselves. The stadium was previously located in the city centre near Lumpini Park (hence the name) before it relocated to a larger site on Ram Intra Road in 2014. Lumpinee Stadium hosts fight every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. 

        Lumpinee Stadium, Bangkok

        Stadium Seating

        Lumpinee Stadium, Bangkok



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        • Restaurant
        • Coffee shop
        • Souvenir shop
        • Car park
        • Wheelchair friendly


        Take the Sukhumvit line of the BTS sky train as far north as you can. This line is currently being expanded. As of December 2019, Kasetstart University is the closest stop to the stadium. After that, the best way to reach the stadium is by taxi or private car hire. By road can take up to 90 minutes depending on traffic conditions.

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        What Customers are Saying

        from 8 reviews

        "Great night out"

        We had a great time attending the May Thai boxing here. Sat ringside, and saw a couple knockouts. Certainly an entertaining and fun night out in Bangkok

        "Fun Experience. Check Website for Fight Nights"

        It was fun to come here and watch the matches. You can come without tickets and just get a ticket when you arrive, but if you want the cheaper standing only area, you’ll need to come earlier since that clearly fills up with locals before the seating does. If you want to sit in the stands or near the ring, those don’t sell as fast so you can just buy those when you arrive if you want. If you are a tourist without a car, I recommend getting a taxi (metro doesn’t come out this far). I took a taxi, and then when I was done, I had the security guy flag down a taxi, which only took a few minutes. It was a good time. Check the website, they do not do matches every night. Make sure they have a line up on the evening you want to go out there first. And stay for the later fights, they are way better of course (or just come later).

        "Thai boxing experience"

        Went on our last night in Thailand and this was so awesome. If you like mma this is truly the birthplace. Awesome seats and fights. A lot of cultural pageantry was beautiful. And the beers were cheap so makes it even better. Definitely will be back with our group of friends!!!!

        "The most elite of Muay Thai is featured at this venue"

        I came here to support a good friend that was fighting at Lumpinee, and we came as part of a team. I saw several fights during the night, amazing high level of skill with these Muay Thai fighters. The atmosphere is incredible too, with the local Thais gambling on the matches and shouting especially during rounds 3,4 and 5 of the fights. BTW, my friend won his fight and I was fortunate to be in his corner and help him out. Great night at the stadium.

        "Nice experience"

        Never saw this, and as this is the culture, we had to visit this for one night. Our hotel recommended us to get here, big thanks for this again. I was surprised, as we were not the only tourists in the stadium, but of course, the mayority was from Thailand. I don't want to meet one of those fighters by night, impressive how they moved and fought, all under respect and glory. Liked the way how they celebrated every winner. Came here for a Saturday night, don't know how it's with the other week-days but I think Saturday might be a good day. Even my wife was impressed, as said, it's part of their culture. Looked also for some Thai classes but time was too short.

        "Awesome experience"

        Traffic was a disaster, so I suggest leaving early. I got there around fight 3 and the lady gave me a 300 baht discount on ringside seats. The Muay Thai was high level and the atmosphere was awesome.

        "A must do in Bangkok!"

        We went to see the fights on a Saturday night after a very long day of travel and so glad we didn't miss it! I attempted to purchase tickets beforehand, but the website wasn't quite cooperating so we took our chances and ubered to the stadium. The fights were entertaining and we were asked if we wanted to take a picture with the champion. The entire experience was a blast!!

        "Interesting experience"

        We decided to come by the stadium to check out a Thai kickboxing match. It’s a bit out of the way and you need a taxi to get there. Traffic is awful. Once there ticket scalpers aggressively try to sell you tickets. They physically got in the way of me and the official ticket booth. The first tier is not worth it. We went for the second tier. It’s a small stadium so you can see we’ll anywhere.

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